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What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs) are needed whenever the property is rented, sold or even built. EPC measures the energy consumption of a property by showing the energy ratings from A to G.

Energy Performance Certificate EPC Meaning

It provides an energy efficiency rating of a building on the scale of A to G, poor rating mean high utility cost to keep warm, better rating mean low energy bills.

How long the Energy Performance Certificate is valid?

EPC is valid for 10 years until unless there will be no change of heating system, windows, walls insulation, loft insulation, loft conversation or any extension etc.

Energy Performance Certificate Cost

Energy performance certificate costs are varying depend on property size starting from £60 – £120 including vat.

Energy Performance Certificate in United Kingdom

Energy Performance Certificate were introduced on 1st August 2007 to adopt energy saving measures of building.

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