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EPC Certificate in Loughton

EPC Certificate in Loughton

An EPC Certificate in Loughton are needed whenever the property is rented, sold or even built. EPC measures the energy consumption of a property by showing the energy ratings from A to G.

EPC Certificate London

Why do we need an EPC Certificate in Loughton?

Land Owners and Landlords in England and Wales are needed to give Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) to any forthcoming purchaser or inhabitant when they rent, build or sell a Commercial or Residential Property. An EPC is likewise now a necessity for all homes at the development stage.

All Commercial and Residential Properties available to be purchased or Rent should be analyzed and given an EPC. This rates the structure’s energy productivity on a scale from A to G and will show where the rating could be after a couple of upgrades. This will help with diminishing CO² emanations.

EPC Certificate in Loughton for Rental Property

Before an individual markets the property to sell or even rent, EPC is required by law within 14 days of advertising the property online to the potential buyers or before new tenant move. However, any property that is to be placed on the market for sale or rent without a valid EPC during the commissioned, vendor or authorized agent will be fined up to 12.5% of rate able value of the building and landlords wouldn’t be able to evict the tenant. It should be done with the responsibility falling on both the seller, landlord and their agent.

EPC Certificate in Loughton for landlords

Both of the individuals would have to ensure compliance with the law, the owners or the landlords would also have the responsibility to ensure that an EPC is available to any prospective tenants from as early as the initial enquiry. Energy performance certificate can only be provided by an accredited Energy Assessor, if you are in need of an EPC then we can help you out by providing you with fastest as well as budget friendly services.

Energy Performance Certificate Cost

Energy performance certificate in Loughton costs are varying depend on property size starting from £60 – £120 including vat.

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How long the EPC Certificate is valid?

EPC is valid for 10 years until unless there will be no change of heating system, windows, walls insulation, loft insulation, loft conversation or any extension etc.

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How to get Energy Performance Certificate in Loughton?

Accredited Energy Assessor must undertake property survey by visiting the property to gather relevant details and take picture evidences for audit purpose and visually inspect the walls insulation, windows, boiler, heating, loft insulation, floor insulation where possible, electric and gas meter and calculating the heat loss walls.  

For further details, advise or booking please speak to our adviser on 01442-939006 or you can email us on info@smartpropertyservice.co.uk. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Energy Performance Certificate for Commercial in Loughton

An energy performance certificate is required in all instance by law during the new lease, lease renewal, lease extension, lease surrender, property purchase and sales of share in company, that we provide contains:

1) Information about the property energy use as well as the typical energy costs.

2) Recommendations about how one can reduce the use of energy and save the costs.

Commercial Energy performance certificate costs are varying depend on property size starting from £180 – £2000 including vat.

Commercial EPC

EPC Certificate for Non Domestic in Loughton

Besides this if you own a commercial property then you also need to have an EPC if any of the following applies to you:

1) You rent out or even sell your property

2) A building which was under construction is now completed

3) Changes are made to the parts of the building for separate occupation

4) Changes in the premises involving any additions to the following: heating, air and ventilation systems

Energy Performance Certificate Assessor

An EPC is only be produced by qualified accredited energy assessor and must be approved member of accreditation scheme.

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